Clínica Dentária Dr. Raúl Fernandes

Main goal: Brand new logo for dental clinic Dr. Raúl Fernandes in Porto to be used in all design communication, print and online, and have future applications on mobile apps and website in mind.

The challenge: Taking a contemporary perspective on an old and respectful business and combining the idea of a high standards clinic and dental prosthesis.

The solution: Use highly recognizable iconography so the logo could work on its own without having text associated with it, thus providing a way to be used both on mobile apps and could be visible and recognizable from afar.

Image of logo iconography inspiration

You can view this timeless logo if you visit Av. da Boavista 80 in Porto.

The text was added to be used mainly on office supplies and print. Cora Regular and Aaux Next Regular were used as fonts.

Print application

An image showing the various print applications of the logo Dr Raúl Fernandes

The logo was further developed and changed to DentalPhoto to accommodate the branding shift and give strength to a mobile app:

Picture of DentalPhoto logo on a wall with a girl

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