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Bruno Mota Senior UX Manager

As a seasoned UX Manager and Senior UX/UI Designer, my journey in the digital realm, especially in e-commerce, has been marked by a harmonious blend of user-centric design and astute business acumen. My expansive expertise in user-centered design is complemented by a deep dive into complex problem-solving, where psychology and mathematical algorithms intertwine to craft innovative solutions.

With a robust analytical mindset, I am goal-oriented yet deeply fascinated by psychology, a cornerstone in human-computer interaction. This dual focus empowers me to create seamless user experiences and intuitive interfaces, always aligning meticulously with overarching business objectives.

In my role as a UX Manager, I champion the growth of designers, fostering an environment where creativity and efficiency coalesce. My leadership is characterised by flexibility paired with a methodical approach, ensuring that every team member excels without feeling the pressure of tight deadlines. My comprehensive understanding of business models enables me to adeptly prioritize projects, make strategic concessions, and embrace agility to pivot directions when necessary.

I advocate for a progressive development approach, starting from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Minimum Usable Product, and evolving it through continuous user and business feedback.

Beyond the confines of design and technology, I am an avid reader with an eclectic taste that spans from design and advertising to fine arts, romance, science, neurology, and even running.

For me, sport, namely running, is part of my daily life. It helps me stay in shape, relieve stress, and enhance my physical and mental performance.

When I run, I can meditate as well. I already solved some complex issues while running like changing a business model to a successful one. You can check my profile at Strava.

Everybody likes music. It’s what gets me in the zone. When I need to focus and get things done, I usually listen to my playlist VOXX – A Rádio da Melhinha, which has more than 24h of great music.

If I need some extra boost I might listen to Só dá grandes músicas! 🙂

If you’re curious you can listen to the playlists in my Sportify Profile. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


I had the pleasure of working with Bruno as a UX Designer at KuantoKusta. As someone who has had a front-row seat to his work, any employee will be lucky to have Bruno as a leader. Because of him, the UX start to gain much valor in the company. Bruno is a great leader and motivates everyone around him.

Vânia Ribas, UX Assistant Manager at Namecheap

Por vezes encontras alguém que te desafia, tira o melhor de ti, te mostra outras perspectivas, inquieta, ensina, aconselha, apoia, desenvolve e se torna teu amigo. Eu tive a sorte de encontrar esse alguém: TU Bruno Mota! Obrigado por seres quem és.

Luís Monteiro, Head of Sales

Bruno Mota was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at KuantoKusta. Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing a great job. Bruno Mota is a reliable designer, has no problem working hard when necessary. Innovative, insightful, and detail-oriented strategist – his conception, skills, creativity, and understanding of dependencies made the project a dream. Bruno Mota is probably one of the best experts to work with I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest colleagues I have ever worked with.

André Ribeiro, Quality Assurance Engineer at KuantoKusta

What you generally expect from a designer is to: – easily understand what you want, – suggest what you (also) need – and quickly provide what you were (even not) expecting… That’s exactly what you get with Bruno!

Tony Jorge, Digital Strategist & Carpooling Consultant

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